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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Beam Specs

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April 18, 2001 10:48PM
Mr. Eastbay, this beam is a no go for crossing the stream. If you walked its full length as it sits you would only be crossing a bunch of boulders in the stream bed :-) The Stream itself is presently running at a spot away from the beam. Also this beam is at least a quarter mile upstream from the springs in no useful area at present, oh darn! I was down at the hotsprings today and the stream is running a bit warmer since its been in the 80's for most of this week. Best bet is to wade across the creek right from the beach across from the pools. Its about 10 inches above the knees on most people and is safer that crossing at some of the rocky areas. Some people have tried to put some logs across rocks just downstream from the hotpools and cross that way. If you want to take a chance on falling this might be for you :-) I prefer the safe and sane wade straight across. When the stream level lowers the rocks can be crossed rather safely. Did I mention a raft, small boat, helicopter or sky diving :-) Either way you'll be glad when you climb in those fantastic hotpools, unless its over 100 degrees air temp the day you arrive :-) Have fun!

Beam Specs

Wizard 1640April 14, 2001 10:39PM

Re: Beam Specs

EastBay 713April 18, 2001 01:36PM

Re: Beam Specs

Wizard 711April 18, 2001 10:48PM

Re: Beam Specs

EastBay 1178April 19, 2001 11:57AM

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