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Re: Meeting Minutes

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June 07, 2003 10:28AM
Thanks SycamoreLaughing for posting the minutes. Here are a few other details I recall:

2) We also discussed that the cover sheet that we put on the box was higher than the folder brochures that were sitting inside the box. We discussed raising the level of the brochures with a peice of folded cardboard or removing the cover page completely. We decided on this last item for know. I did not hike out that way so I am not sure if any member removed the cover page on the way out. However if the flyers are going that quickly we might still want to choose the first alternative and include on the cover page our PO Box and email address that people can use to request information if the box is out of flyers, as most of us are two far away to replenish it regularly. Something to consider a little further.

3) I will take some of these shots to our next meeting. They are still in our camera at this point. We are starting to look for volunteers to be in a formal photo shoot. Please email deepcreekvolunteers@hotmail.com if you are interested in being one of them. We would like to have one or two families, which will be harder to get, so we will probably try and schedule it around there convenience.

4) I will be working on this issue with their webmaster, but it will be subject to our time availability.

5) The simple text we decided on was the bolded etiquette statements from our brochure pleus one or two clarifying sentences. In addition to the nude is not lewd satement, we also agreed to include the sentence "Help preserve the existing pools, but do not build new ones" as well as our contact information. I will see if I can post the revised wording on the forum in a week or so to get any final feedback.

6) Was the date and location of our next meeting. It will be on Saturday June 29th at 1:00 p.m. It was also discussed that there is a picnic potluck planned at San Onofre beach for Saturday, July 12th. and a group will be coming up from Black's Beach and our DCV members are invited as well. Hopefully June gloom will be gone by then.

Well I these are the only other details I could think of.

Meeting Minutes

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