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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (47% of Full)


The Yellow Brick Road

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April 29, 2003 09:34PM
Jobe, in the Land of OZ, the Yellow Brick Road " is " the Trail of Least Resistance :-) I've got names for other places in OZ too. Yesterday, I looked down on the flower covered hills of OZ from one of my favorite sitting places, The Eagles Crest, which has a view of all things, unmatched by any other spot. As I descended through the flowers into the canyon I watched a group of ravens literally playing in the stiff breezes. I sat and watched them for a time and they fley right above me straight down the steep hills, doing flips in the air. From my vantage point, being so close to them, you could sense what it felt like to fly! When I reached the creek I hit Babylon, a monument to natures bueaty in sculpted granite. After getting into my natural form, and taking my first dip in the creek, I left Babylon and journeyed past The Point of Origin which is a magnificent living tower, and on towards the Unknown Passage, which provides the connection between two places I enjoy immensly. Soon I had reached my destination, Xanadu, which is as splendid a spot on Deep Creek as you will ever find. At this place in OZ is the Wall of Silence which is a barrier that provides peace and quiet for unencumbered Dream Time. Above Xanadu is Spirt Rock, a gardian of that special place of Xanadu. Last Saturday I had enjoyed Shangri-La, one of OZ,s finest realms, and finished my day at The Emerald City, the heart of OZ, where I visited all the fine folks, who travel there for fun and pleasure. I ended my day yesterday in Xanadu, catching the warm rays of the late day sun, after my last refreshing dip in the great pools there. I warmed my self on a wonderfully sculpted slab of granite, which was nestled in a valley full of Sycamore and Alder trees. The view was magical, I said to myself, " there's no place like home " :-) Finally it was time to go, so my faithful hiking companions, my pooches Sparky and Tuka, followed me as I made my way back out of OZ in the last rays of the setting sun. I, like Jobe, dream myself back to OZ alot, until the adventure can begin again :-)

The Yellow Brick Road

Wizard 933April 29, 2003 09:34PM

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Gary 497April 30, 2003 02:53PM

Re: The Yellow Brick Road

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