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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (87% of Full)


Last Saturday at Deep Creek

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April 27, 2003 11:17PM
The Munchkins ( my two daugters ) plus our two pooches were my companions on another fine adventure to Deep Creek and DCHS. On the first part of our hike we passed by Paul ( a DCV group member ) and another great guy frank who should be given a medal for all of his cleanup efforts down at the springs. We traveled on through the hills and down to Deep Creek past places I enjoy seeing. The creek is runnin real good right now and is looking very clean from all the rainfal this winter. The flowers in a word, are " incredible " this year. My daughters and I walked through vast carpets of many colored flowers and thier smell was everywhere. I met Ron down along the creek and we relaxed in the warm spring sunshine and felt the satisfaction of peaceful times and bueatiful scenes that reward the senses. After a while our whole crew, four people and three dogs, made our way along the stream to DCHS and the DCV meeting. When we first arrived everyone had to do the obligatory socializing so the meeting had to wait a bit. There was a nice group for the meeting which occurred in the grassy areas near the Aniversary pool. I drapped my a new sarong I bought at Venice Beach over my shoulders and body to keep from getting burned. Its a real colorful pattern that I think is ty-died. I'll have to get Sycamores opinion on if its a true ty-died peice since she has experience in doing this process. The Munchkins were having a fat time running all around with the endless energy of young children. The grass provides a slick surface and they got a real kick out of sliding down the hill of grass. The creek is still a bit chilly so most folks just hit the hotpools. After the meeting some volunteers went to do some work to seal up the Arizona pool which gets various leaks, especially after winter floods. My favorite chore lately has been to rake the little walk paths and sandy areas with my small rake. I'm still using my handy dandy grabber tool for picking up trash, don't know how I survived without it :-) A good crowd developed in Arizona pool and people had a great time talking. Close to sunset two rangers appeared on the cliffs and I packed my things to go. I hiked out with Ron and AZ Mike with the Munchkins setting the pace. It was a real fine time and as usual I really enjoyed seeing everyone. Funny thing I was thinking while walking around picking up trash, there I was, walking around naked in the warm sunshine, spending time with good friends, helping take care of this great place DCHS, and I thought to myself in a humerous way, if they ever open up a job position for this at the springs, I'll be the first to apply :-) This morning ( Sunday ) my youngest daugter apparently go bitten, probably by some insect around her eye, and it is a bit swollen making here eye look ( as my oldest daugher said ) like a chinese person. She does look real funny and coupled with her wild little ways we found her quite amusing. Fortunatly it doesn't seem to bother her much. By the way, the no-see-ems are still actively bitting so bring your repelant!

Last Saturday at Deep Creek

Wizard 1219April 27, 2003 11:17PM

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