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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Spring Cleanup

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April 01, 2003 10:43PM
It is good to see that the Forum is back up. The clean up was very sucessful. I met the USFS staff at Carrows which gave us the opportunity to put some faces on the names we all had. They had a crew of four Rangers, three official uniformed volunteers and another dozen volunteers from a three other groups. I then headed over to the Bowen Ranch parking lot were I met AZ Mike. We then all assembled at the lower parking lot and hiked in from there stopping for a photo at the first metal sign.

Unfortunatelly, the rangers could not stay till 1:00 as they had all there staff for the region there and had to leave at noon. For this reason we bumped up our meeting to 11:00 but which meant that not all our members had arrived. Sycamore Laughing, Paul, AZ Mike and I met with Ranger Brad Burns from their enforcement division and Jennifer Smith from the recreation division as well as a two other rangers one from resources and a second from recreation. I guess I should have written down their names as my memory is not as good as it used to be. Maybe Sycamore will recall. Two non DCV members, Sue and her daughter also joined us.

We discussed several issues with them for nearly 45 minutes. They expressed their appreciation for our efforts and felt that we were making a difference. We discussed the USFS plan for the area and they indicated that the draft plan has not been released, and that it will be available for review once it is. They considered that it was highly unlikely that the Deep Creek drainage would be given Wilderness status. If it did access would only be allowed by permision and with a quota limit. It is more likely that the area could be declared a Wild and Scenic area which the rangers would favor as it would provide more funds for the area. However, if this is the case access would continue similar to what it is today, foot access only.

We also discussed signage. They once again mentioned that they felt that our brochure was very complete and detailed. They were opened to the possibility of putting a brochure box on the metal sign close to the top of the trail, or a flexiglass covered sign at the springs. They would expect us to submit our formal request for their approval once we have decided what we want. The possibility of vandalism was considered and they mentioned that while this was a possibility, but we should not hold back on the benefits we could provide many because the few that could vandalize. They face that situation all the time.

We also discussed obtaining a list of indiginous trees from them that we could use to inform tree man or organize a plant a tree day. They were impressed by the little trash that there was around and appreciated our efforts down there. They also confirmed that the area was clothing optional and that hiking the trails nude was OK with the know limitation of within a quarter mile of the T-6 crossing.

Shortly after the meeting ended, Laughing Bear and Mrs. Bear, Wizard, Celtfire and a friend of his also joined us. We had our potluck and socialized in the afternoon in an informal setting without any further serious discussion of any specific subject. AZ Mike and Frank spent a long while working on cleaning the serenity pool, while the rest of us spent time picking up trash and distributing brochures. We all had a great time and enjoyed everyones company.

As the AZ pool was still receiving creek water, and there were a lot of people at the springs, the Womb and the Anniversary pool were overcrowded at most times. Well, that is all that comes to mind right now. Those of you that were there please feel free to fill in the blanks.

Take care all. LOL.

Spring Cleanup

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