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Mike Castro protected informant?

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March 02, 2003 03:49PM
Daily Press
March 2, 2003
FBI recruited and protected violent informants nationwide

For decades in cities from coast-to-coast FBI agents recruited killers and crime bosses as informants and then looked the other way as they continued to commit violent crime. When the practice first came to light in Boston unleashing the ongoing investigation has already sent one agent to prison. FBI officials in Washington portrayed it as an aberration but 80 interviews with 9 former FBI Agents with a combined 190 years experience in more than 25 bureau offices from Texas to Chicago and from Los Angeles to Washington indicate the practice was widespread during their years of service between the 50's and 90's. The former agents and two federal law enforcement officials who have been working closely with the bureau said the practice sometimes emboldened informants leading them to believe they could get away with almost anything. The degree to which the practice continues today is unclear current FBI agents and administrators are secretive about the bureau's work with informants. However, a senior FBI official indicated that bureau rules meant to prevent serious crimes by informants may not always be followed by agents in the field. ...................................

We believe that Mike Castro is a protected informant based on numerous letters from the Bureau of Land Management admitting that there is a confidential informant in the Deep Creek area and Mike Castro's ability to get away with crime after crime after crime.

First: Mike Castro involves himself, David Boyer and others in two attempted murders at El Mirage Lake, BLM and CHP are the investigating agencies. The BLM and CHP dismiss this accident as a "drunk rollover" even though both people were not in the vehicle after the crash and there was no opening large enough in the Baja Bug for them to have been thrown from the vehicle upon impact.

Second: Mike Castro involves himself and others in illegally blocking a public road with huge boulders and then stages violent confrontations on Moss Mill Road. These activities were reported to the BLM, Forest Service, Sheriff's Department and Congressman Jerry Lewis. Witnesses came bravely forward to admit involvement in these crimes. The responsible agencies did nothing about these crimes.

Third: Mike Castro assaults Richard Channing on Moss Mill Road and then falsely reports this to the Sheriff's Department portraying himself as the victim of the assault. The District Attorney files charges against Richard Channing. Richard Channing brings numerous witnesses forward to the DA's office and the charges are dropped based on "misrepresentations by victim". No charges were ever filed against Mike Castro.

Fourth: Four young people traveling on Moss Mill Road were blocked in by a vehicle. Mike Castro and another man jumped out of the bushes with weapons in hand, Mike Castro brandishing his gun, threatened them that he could a bullet in each one of their heads, fired off rounds to emphasize the point, yelled at them in a threatening manner for several minutes. Two of these young people went to the Sheriff's Department and filed a report. No action was taken.

Fifth: Mike Castro lies in wait and chases Gary Roe on motorcycles causing Gary Roe to crash into a barbed wire fence injuring his thumb. Then Mike Castro stops his bike and starts chasing Gary Roe around juniper bushes with his gun trained on Gary Roe. Gary Roe filed a complaint with the sheriff's department. The district attorney declined to file charges against Mike Castro advising Gary Roe if he only had a video tape of the incident.

How does Mike Castro get away with all these crimes? These crimes did occur and were reported to the appropriate authorities. There are witnesses, physical evidence and even more crimes committed by Mike Castro that were unreported. What other explanation would make sense? How high up does Mike Castro's protection reach? Isn't this situation dangerous to the visitors of DCHS?

Mike Castro protected informant?

katrina island 1349March 02, 2003 03:49PM

Re: Mike Castro protected informant?

free our forests 1028March 03, 2003 11:02AM

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