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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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October 28, 2002 10:46PM
Thanks, Ron for filling in my gaps in the minutes, and to everyone I apologize for taking so long on this. I thought I'd get to it yesterday, but turned the day into one long productive-student routine. Here are the rest of the minutes:

5. Our website discussion was enhanced by a sample website being created by AZ Mike. His website will feature a DCV page, but we also discussed the idea of having our own website, and decided that that will be an eventual goal, but none objected to our using the DCV page on Mike's until that time. In either case, we would want to link to the forum and, when we have our own site, to Mike's site.

6. What issues are for members-only vote/'Till when do we accept non-member votes. We decided that all votes should be for members unless we state otherwise. An example of this would be if we had a logo contest and invited (through the forum, or even in person I suppose--we only discussed through the forum) anyone to take part in the vote. For votes (or consensus) that occur at meetings, details will be posted and non-attending members will have one week to vote on them. (that includes the items in these minutes, so be sure to read them and post your own thoughts about them)

7. Proxy voting: Can be done two ways. E-mail the vote in advance or e-mail in advance to appoint another person as proxy.

8. Internal documentation:
>Start with the internal document refered to in item 3, a page of suggested activities for members.
>Mission statement and by-laws are ideas to keep in mind for the future. If the group grows large, we may eventually gain non-profit status, but a mission statement and by-laws can wait for now.

BREAK! We took a break before tackling "Other issues."

9. Other issues:
>Do we ever deny or revoke membership, and if so, under what criteria?
>>Membership is being denied to Mike Castro and Katrina Island (Gail and William) during our group-building process for reasons that forum-readers know and others may not want to.
>>No other memberships will be denied. No one will be denied because he or she is a friend, associate, etc. of any of these persons. (I don't think I am the only one who is optimistic about our group's ability to keep seperate issues seperate)
>>Membership can be revoked using the same consensus-seeking process used in our voting. If a member brings up an issue with another member, for example--drinking from a glass bottle while soaking--the group can discuss it and decide if it is a problem. Most forseeable problems could be solved by talking to the offender, but if the group decides to revoke a membership, it can do so through consensus, or if consensus cannot be reached, by a 2/3 majority vote.

The meeting adjourned at 3:40 with everyone seeming to me to be in good spirits.

If I've missed any points, or if other attendees recall details of our discussion that should have been mentioned, by all means jump right in, cause I'm not a secretary or an expert or anything. Peace

DCV meeting minutes

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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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Interested in DCV

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Re: DCV meeting minutes

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