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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Is this place safe?

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September 10, 2002 03:41PM
Rich, hello and welcome. I am sorry that your reading has made you doubt the safety of the springs, and all the more so because I am one of the people posting on this forum. I don't know if there really are any safe places, but I consider the springs safer than most. Even people who argue strongly against each other on this forum do, in most cases, get along just fine while at the springs. The atmosphere there is generally one of respect.

I had known about the springs for years before I ever went, but since I've been visiting there I am truly amazed that the area is as clean and as safe as I've found it to be, considering the amount of use that it gets. Of course, the volunteers (whether or not members of the new group) do a lot to help with that by cleaning up after nitwits and promoting a family-safe atmosphere, but I believe that credit is also due to the majority of hot-springs users who come with a respectful attitude and can often be persuaded to carry out just a little more than they carried in to help keep the place clean.

I am glad that you met a friendly and helpful person there. That is not unusual!! He is in the majority; but of course it is always the minority that gets people going on the forum. (and many hot-springers, even many regulars, do not post on the forum) But, don't take my word for anything--judge for yourself. And, if you find that the springs are to your liking, please consider joining the efforts of the volunteers who do so much to keep it nice. Peace to you.

Is this place safe?

Rich 856September 10, 2002 01:12PM

Re: Is this place safe?

Sycamore Laughing 821September 10, 2002 03:41PM

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