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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Full


Trip report 9-29-22 Thursday

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September 30, 2022 01:38PM
It was another weather perfect day. Makes me wish I were at my favorite hot spring. So, I got to the new campground at 11 am. Explored their new trash dumpster. I was at the springs the previous Friday. I was up set at my self because, there were 2 large bags of trash when I got there and I filled another 40 gallon bag to almost full. But my left knee was hurt and swollen. Hot water soaking was not helping either. But, I decided to not put anymore weight on it. I attempted to bribe some locals to carry it out and only got one taker. A beautiful couple from San Diego carried out one bag. 'One for the team' they said.
So while talking to the campground managment I learned they had done a trash pickup at the springs. When I got to the springs it was almost no trash at all. BUT, when a Mexican family left I filled a 13 gallon bag of their stupid looking trash. This time I tied it onto my day pack on the way out.
The Anniversary pool was clean and pretty. Except, someone had diverted 90 % of the water flow directly to the Womb pool. Makeing the womb pool at about 104 degrees. And the anniverary pool @ 98 degress. The couple from San Diego notified me of this situation. So, I adjusted the flow back to 90 % back into the Anniversary pool. Just before hikeing out I soaked there for more than an hour alone, listening to the sound of the splashing water, my mind drifting off into nature. No one was there but me , myself and nature.
The Womb pool was algae free. No floaties or trash anywhere. The temp when I left was back to @ 102 degrees.
The Contemplation pool was in the low 80's. It was a little slippery from algae growth.
The Crab cooker pool seemed to be hotter than before. Too hot to sit in. Maybe the sun shining there had something to do about it. Or maybe a sign of earth plate tectonics?
Note to self: buy a infra red thermometer, soon.
The Serenity pool was very clean and refreshing. It gets hotter on the side where water comes in on the Crab cooker side and cooler on the Womb pool side. So it is nice for changing temps. Then jumping into the creek :=)
The creek has cleared up from looking like gravey soup to about 80% of its normal self. My 5 1/2 month old dog thought he had a chance of catching the fish or tadpoles. I constantly tell him, 'you got a lot to learn BOY!'
Oh! I forgot to tell the story of two young women I saw setting in the shade of the sign at the kiosk at the lower parking area. They yelled at me as to where the Bowen ranch was? They were from Hollywood. Another lost angel. . . So the songman sang. Of course I showed them the way. They had no water so I gave them my 1 quart power aide bottle that was still cold. They had got to the springs at 8am for their first time there. Spent 1 hour the springs. Then went down stream and climbed out. I suspect they climbed out from the Indian camp area. And were lost and thirsty. As always GLAD TO HELP! They told me they would be back, but better prepaired and wiser. Peace Out!

Trip report 9-29-22 Thursday

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