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June 27, 2002 10:38PM
Who's Craig, anybody know who this Craig guy is? Just kiddin ya Craigster :-) Man, when you go away, you go for a long time. Yes its getting hot out here in the desert. I got rather parched today on a hike down the Bradford Ridge trail to the springs. The water is runnin " real " slow. There's so much stuff growin in and along the creek. I dipped in some nice pools still along the creek upstream from DCHS and got in at DCHS too. OZ is still a great oasis in the desert to visit and who knows, maybe I'll actually meet you one of these days. Here's a good one. DCR and I were down at the springs earlier in the summer. I had arrived first. I was above the Crab Cooker on a rock and DCR and crew showed up on the beach across the creek. She looked across at me and waived and said something I couldn't hear, I waved back. She came across with her friends and later we were talking under the trees. While we were talking she said " Craig is here, have you seen him yet ". I was quite suprised and inquired where she had seen you. She said when she first arrived on the beach she saw him waving at here near the Crab Cooker. Well as it turns out that was me waving at her after all. We must be long lost twins Craig, or, DCR may be smokin crack with AZ ( Mike Dejooooyia ) :-) Just kiddin DCR :-) Let us know when your commin up so we can join ya if possible :-)

Hello all out here once again

Craig 967June 27, 2002 09:24PM

Re: Hello all out here once again

Wizard 618June 27, 2002 10:38PM

Re: Hello all out here once again

DCR 836June 28, 2002 02:36PM

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