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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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1-4-2022 trip report, after the rain

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January 06, 2022 09:24AM
It was another almost perfect weather day to be at my favorite hot springs. The outside air temp at 1:30 pm was 67 degrees with a slight breeze to remind you of what a great and beautiful place this is. As I hiked in I came across 3 beautiful women from San Diego. One had been there before, the other 2 were first-timers. They said, "that they really enjoyed their day as they left." The Creek water on the beach where most cross the creek was 34 degrees. I am 6 ft. 2 inches tall the water was just above my knee most of the way. But just before you get to the spring side it gets deeper to just above my manly parts. Just 2 steps and I was on the other side. It just proves if you love the hot springs you will make it; my opinion. If you love the springs you 2 can make it. Sand had filled the Serenity pool. So I pulled my shovel out and dug it out to just over 3 feet deep. It still has over 1 foot of sand. And that has leaves, roots, and stems from the flood mixed into it. So for hairy soakers like me, it takes about 20 minutes to get this out of your hair. The Arizona pool was overflowing and a great soak. I only removed about 25 gallons of the sand from this pool as it was getting dark. I did not have time to get the temps of the pools too. The Arizona pool was 3 feet deep. The storm has reshaped the beach. Also, the source at the Arizona pool now has 2 spring sources as it did about 10 years ago. The roots of all the trees there are exposed. Some of the large boulders in the creek there have moved some. It appeared to be the height of the flood was almost to the top of the Aniversary pool. Or about 30 feet up the hill from the beach at the Aniversary pool. The Aniversary pool was full of naked women so L did not want to upset nature there. The Womb pool was as it always has been the creek did not change anything there. Across the creek from the Womb pool, most of the sand was gone. Remember, when the sun goes down it gets cold FAST! That was my lesson today as I hiked out too late. Be safe and help with the trash problem, PLEASE!

1-4-2022 trip report, after the rain

jobe1088January 06, 2022 09:24AM

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