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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (44% of Full)


Trip Report 12/16/2018

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December 16, 2018 06:53PM
* 6:30am: Left Long Beach

* 8:20 am: Arrived at Bowen. As noted by yesterday post, price did go up to $10 per person. Talking to someone latter, they said it was $10 last week. So price went up between 2 weeks ago and last week.
There was about 6 cars parked. A guy that came after us passed us

* 9:30 am: my party arrived at DCHS for a 56 min hike.
DCHP remained clean after yesterday clean up.
Quite empty, there only someone in serenity and anniversary (guy who passed us), both nude.
There was a couple camper/tents. Considering numbers of cars back at bowen and people in the HS, numbers doesn't match up...

Quiet day. Max of 6 people in Arizona pool before I left. Other pools looked to be about 1-3 on average?
Minus campers (all clothed) I say popular is 50/50.
Actually more nude as I was leaving?

Creek is lower then last time.
Creek water is warmer then 2 weeks ago.
Typically I go from few minutes in Arizona, jump into creek, stay for a bit (without moving) then go back into Arizona
Last time I had trouble staying in Arizona for a minute. Even swimming from Womb to Arizona was very hard. In typically good with cold too.
Today, can stay in creek for at least 5 minutes (shivering starts at 4 minutes since I was staying still). Cam swim from from womb to Arizona easily.

1:30 pm: hiked out DCHS,
2:40 pm: 1h 4 min hike out with this party..
On the drive back, Mike pass us going fast in his truck.

Trip Report 12/16/2018

LBNguyen1462December 16, 2018 06:53PM

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