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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (80% of Full)


Trip Report: 4/26

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April 26, 2018 06:39PM
Probably my weirdest trip yet to DCHS.

Drove in via Bowen - no one at the gate - around 11. Hiked in bottomless, about a quarter mile behind another group. They were all clothed, and when I got to the springs I realized all 20 people there were clothed. I put on some boxer-briefs and crossed the stream. Right away I cut my foot open - plenty of blood. I wore my sock and avoided the pools for the remainder of the trip for sanitary reasons (serious question: anyone know if that brain-eating amoeba can get me through my foot?)...

Really, really bummed out that everyone there was wearing clothes, and very few seemed open to making conversations. Finally 2 hours in, one girl over by the waterfall decided to get naked, and I did the same. She was very nice (hi, if you're reading this). I also talked with a through-hiker who called herself Star Girl. She was hiking the PCT with her dad, and though he seemed cool she expressed to me that she'd rather be naked. I tried to gently suggest she go for it, but she seemed nervous - hey, I'm just glad someone was talking to the one naked guy.

Then a group of 5 people came in, all of whom got naked. One girl had a cool see-through bra thing of wire and crystals. She and her friends fanned out and seemed to have a good time. Another half-dozen or so people arrived naked, and I was sad because it was almost time for me to go.

Passed two people on the (fully nude) hike out who deserve props. One is the girl who gave me all-natural sunscreen (it DID smell herbal, and it worked!). She was topless, and reached out to me as a fellow ginger. It was nice to talk to someone else sorta-kinda naked. Another hiker on the hike up saw me, seemed to appreciate that I was naked, and said "Yeah, I should do that too!" I told her she should. AND SHE DID! Well, topless at least. I had to high-five her. Awesome to see people embrace the spirit of the springs.

Long tough hike out, and I'm worried about my foot getting infected. And a bit bummed people didn't get naked earlier in the day. But the weather was great (if a bit too hot), and the springs were as beautiful as ever.

Trip Report: 4/26

peciousaitiff1760April 26, 2018 06:39PM

Re: Trip Report: 4/26

Paul P.1068April 26, 2018 08:59PM

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