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Re: aliens

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March 12, 2018 04:06PM
Oh, they are out there! Just like my old desert rat DCHS friend used to tell me for years winking smiley The thing is, they are not only " out there ", he said they have been living with us for a very long time. Many types, some he referred to as " Grey Backs ". He used to email me the regular communications between the " Galactic Federation " leaders to their followers here on earth, to tell of their many plans to save the humans from the " doom ", and notably from the " dark forces " who were instigating all of it. They referred to themselves as the " light workers ", something like that, and my friend as he told it was one of them. They came/come from the planet Nebadon, and the Mr Bigley of all of them was Lord Anton, the Supreme Leader. Supposedly, as the daily briefs from the little green persons went. the light workers were supposed to be coming any day to beat back the darky dudes to make things " great " again ( maybe trump is one of them? ) for all of the dedicated light workers/beleivers. In the emails my friend sent there were even time lines given. But oddly, nothing ever happened, and I made note of that to my friend, me bringing it up in emails back to him. Hey, when are yer space pals going to " really " come and do the stuff they say? Back in reply from my friend, crickets winking smiley Really I think, if there happens to be any intelligent life out there, the last thing they would want to do is get involved with all of us Carbon Units and our many troubles, travails and stuff winking smiley My friend stopped emailing his vital " info " a long time ago Maybe he got the drift that I thought his info was lacking, shall we say, credibility winking smiley And still, the light workers haven't come to save us!

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