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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Winter Storm Watch

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February 15, 2017 06:55PM
At the gauge location, upstream from the Mohave Forks Dam, there is a big flat concrete slab that extends across the creek bed, and on the north side of this is the gauging device. At DCHS, where you normally cross from the beach to the main hot pools the creek varies greatly in depth depending on where you try to cross. The most shallow parts are in the stream on the right hand side of the beach. I would be guessing, but at that 3.9 level if you wade across on the sandbars it may be about belly button to chest deep. The timing of the flooding can vary quite a bit too. If its been raining a lot there is a lag period between when it falls, and when the higher flows come downstream to raise the stream level. In the past month there was some significant snow in the higher mountains, in the afternoons, which are generally warmer, the creek flow goes up a bit from the melting of the snow. Sometime people bring a small raft or large inner tube and just float across on it. This works well unless the flooding is much higher and the stream to swift and dangerous to use a raft. The Bradford Ridge Trail is an option since you do not have to cross Deep Creek.

Winter Storm Watch

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Re: Winter Storm Watch

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Re: Winter Storm Watch

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Re: Winter Storm Watch

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