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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is New


Trip Report 01-22-2015

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January 23, 2015 10:57AM
It was 10:30 am when I got to the Freedom trail head. I could see 4 cars at the Bowen ranch parking area. There was 1 truck at the Freedom trail head.
When I got out of my truck to stretch out I saw a coyote hideing behind a bush. I pretended to not see him. I have seen this same coyote on several occasions in this same area. He is small and is simu!ar to a small German Shepard with a large head. When he slowly went behind the boulders on the south end of the trail head I followed. As soon as he saw me he turned and staired at me for @ 2 minuets. Then as if his parents were calling he trotted off down hill.
High clouds were causing the cool wind to blow gently. When I got to springs I saw several Crows circling in the sky above the Bradford ridge which is downstream from the springs. I wandered if the coyote was going there too ? There were 2 couples and 3 dark skined young women at the springs when I got there. All through the day there was never more than 30 persons around. Several were Deep creek regulars we had many good conversations.
At 1 pm I took my thermometer out to see what it had to say. The outside air temp was 64 degrees on the beach above the Arizona pool. The creek water just upstream from the Arizona pool was 50 degrees. I took the water temp at the place where most people cross the creek from the beach down stream from the springs it was 54 degrees there.
All pool temps were taken at there center and near the surface.
The Arizona pool was as nice as it has ever been at 106 degrees.
The Anniversary pool was a bit cooler and equally nice at 104 degrees.
The Womb pool was awesome at 98 degrees.
The Serenity pool was a great place to soak at 106 degrees.
The Crab cooker pool was at 114 degrees as usual.
the contemplation pool has been drained. I heard from a little border that it was leaking. So I suppose a little repair is in order soon.
It is hard to be humble when you visit such a terrific place. Yesterday men were in the minority with @ 30% being male. So much beauty in one place is always a pleasure.
PLEASE help by hauling out at least your own trash when visiting !
Happy hot springing !

Trip Report 01-22-2015

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