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MRE Unboxing

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September 03, 2014 01:21AM
More like unpacking. If you were curious about what is inside of these and how to prepare a meal. One item that is not available in the civilian market is the water activated chemical pouch. I actually shouldn't say it's not available, technically you can buy something similar but it will cost you $30 and is a fraction as effective as the military grade here, meaning the stuff below really heats things up quickly and at a higher temperature. Hopefully one day this will make it to a local REI. In terms of overall taste of the main dish compared to civilian products, on par, meaning very good and flavorful. A bit spicy as advertised. Dessert is excellent, not too dry and fills you up.

Obviously it is prohibited to sell these and wish I could send anyone a package on this board to try but unfortunately that is not allowed either, because of the chemical heat.

1. The package. Nice earth tone color. Very thick plastic. Apologies about the color of my counter, it blends in.

2. Main packaged goods consist of the following items. Again, heavy plastic.

3. In a separate package you have your smaller items, and along with the salt you do get sugar, although forgot to include in the photo (2 cubes).

4. Here's the main dish. Notice that it comes in a box and then wrapped in heavy plastic again. The box will be used to hold the pouch and heating pad.

5. Here is the heater along with a bag to also heat your beverage.


1. There are two perforations in the plastic pouch that holds the heater, first step is to tear off the top one. In the second photo I removed the chemical pouch that reacts with water.

2. In this photo the pouch is ready, although difficult to tell, I slid the main meal plastic pouch inside above the heater pouch and moved both towards the middle so we can pour water into the bag. The reason for this is that once the heater reacts with the water, it's very quick and you'll feel the heat and see steam rising.

3. In this step we pour water into the pouch, although here I slightly overfilled it.

4. Next we fold the top of the bag to contain the reaction and slide it back into the cardboard box. I like how the instructions on the heating pouch tell you to lean it against "A Rock or Something". Very technical.

5. After a few minutes, we tear the bag along the second perforation, remove the pouch, open it and dig in.

If you want to know about the nutritional content of the individual food items, here they are.

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MRE Unboxing

mojave2863September 03, 2014 01:21AM

Re: MRE Unboxing

Meh1321September 19, 2014 05:22AM

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