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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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February 09, 2014 12:44AM
Rudedog I believe you are correct, the closures are during winter only. I haven't taken the road you mention but sounds like a good alternative to my route below, very suitable for any car and it's quick:

1. Follow the link below using any browser but Internet Explorer - for some reason that one doesn't render the page correctly.
2. Go down to where my GPS map is and hover over the map/satellite icon in the top right corner and uncheck the "terrain" box. Make sure map view is selected.
3. You should be able to zoom in and out now and if you hover over my route, it will tell you the distance. I started near the village shops. The distance is in metric ... sorry, I think in metric, but it shouldn't matter.



1. I'm not sure where you are starting from, but head towards Hwy 18 (rim of the world highway).
2. Make a right onto Hwy 189 from Hwy 18 and drive straight. Can't miss this intersection. It has lights, it's wide and the signs are clear.
3. After following this road, you will come to a T intersection with lights and there will be a 7 Eleven across the street to your left. Turn left. See first photo below.
4. After a short drive, you will come upon a white church on your right. It's a Presbyterian church. Make a very sharp right after this church up the hill onto Old Mill Rd. See second photo below.
5. After another relatively short drive, you will see come to a stop sign at Hwy 138. Make a right. See third photo below.
6. Drive until this road hits Hwy 173, then make a right.
7. Drive until you see the left turn for Arrowhead Lake Rd. If you miss this turn, you'll end up on the continuation of Hwy 173 until you hit gravel about 1 mile down, the section of road Rudedog is referring to that would take you back to Lake Arrowhead during the summer.
8. Drive until you hit Rocksprings Rd and make a right onto that street.
9. Rocksprings Rd will change into Roundup Way if you continue driving straight. You'll hit some dirt areas.
10. Drive until you hit Bowen Ranch Rd and make a right ... then a few miles to Mike's Ranch.

Sorry about the photo quality ... shots were quick.

See #3 above:

See #4 above:

See #5 above:


Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

JanAndErica1892February 08, 2014 03:26PM

Re: Lake Arrowhead to Deep Creek Hot Springs?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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Re: Lake Arrowhead to Bowens Ranch?

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