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December 22, 2013 10:21AM
This is a favorite guideline under wound care. Yummy. Actually we use maggot and leech therapy at some hospitals and maggot do a better job than chemical cleansing. However in the infinite wisdom of insurance companies, most would still rather pay about $3K for chemical treatment rather than about $15 for a maggot patch.


◆ Expose the wound to flies for one day and then cover it.
◆ Check daily for maggots.
◆ Once maggots develop, keep wound covered but check daily.
◆ Remove all maggots when they have cleaned out all dead tissue and before they start on healthy tissue. Increased pain and bright red blood in the wound indicate that the maggots have reached healthy tissue.
◆ Flush the wound repeatedly with sterile water or fresh urine to remove the maggots.

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