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Re: Village Invasion

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June 10, 2002 11:47AM
I spoke to police watch early on about this incident. Police watch will refer people to various attorneys. They told me that unless someone's home was destroyed or someone was bodily injured, they did not have any attorneys to refer me to.

The incident was on the news at the local cable station that day. I assisted with getting the incident in the Sun Newspaper front page, long well-written article. The incident also made high times.

I will be posting these articles for your viewing. No attorneys came forward after these articles.

It is still possible to file a suit because there was Federal money involved and a case could be made for racketeering. I have several attorneys that I am working with now that may have an interest.

These people obviously do not have the means to pay for legal representation.

After the Willow Fire, we had an attorney who took the case for the citizens on contingency. However, this attorney allowed a commissioner to dismiss the case. Makes me wonder about this attorney.

What I have found out is that in the local Superior Court, a majority of the judges are bought and paid for or marginalized. Most of the attorneys are involved in the racket.

At the Federal level, the cases take forever. Five years on one case that I know of.

The judicial system in the County of San Bernardino is a bad joke. I have evidence of one judge receiving bribes, another judge tampering with evidence (caught by the Judicial Commission) and another judge accused of rape and then the lady allegedly murders her husband and then kills herself. The coroner's investigation is black and white, this lady was murdered.

It is pretty shocking when you dig deeper in San Bernardino County.

Village Invasion

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