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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (81% of Full)


Trip report 8-25-13

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August 26, 2013 12:55PM
I finally got to the Freedom trail head early in the morning. That is if you call 9:00am sharp early. It always amazes me when you go somewhere and you look at your watch and it says 00 anything.
The sky was as blue as it gets and there was zero wind. I could see 4 vehichels at the Bowen ranch and there was 3 trucks and a car at the Freedom trailhead. I was the only truck to park at the Hunter's trailhead in the morning.
When I got to the springs I took the first hour communing with the H.S.regulars. Most were concerned about the large amount of trash there. The prevous Sunday almost all of the trash was gone after I took out 2 - 40 gallon trash bags with me. So I encouraged everyone to remember to haul trash out w/them. At the end of the day as I left I could not find any trash to haul out. :~)
There were about a dozen persons at the springs when I got there. During the day only about 40 persons were there. Almost all were nude or mostly so. I spent most of my day reading my book in the shade. When I finally got to soak there was a group of hippies smoking some medicene with a very sweet aroma that reminded me of the seventies. Most of the persons were crowding the Contemplation pool or the creek.
At 4:20 I got my theremometer out to see what I might learn.
The outside air temp was 92 degrees.
All temps are from the center of the pools near the surface.
The creek water at the place just up stream from the Arizona pool was 88 degrees. That was warmer than I expected.
The Arizona Pool was less than 1 foot deep all over because apperently no one but me dig the sand out of there. The water was 109 degrees there.
The Anniversary Pool was 108 degrees and the water was fairly clean, except the big pile of trash in front of it. Some one had plugged the pipe to the shower so I got a regular to unplug it, THANKS. It worked on my sore muscels very well, later.
The Womb Pool was 104 degrees and the water is very clean/clear. Except the large pile of cans/bottles that were there but gone later.
The Serenity Pool was very clean because I took my hose and sucked all of the dead algea and other stuff out. It was 106 degrees there.
The Crab Cooker Pool was 112 degrees as usual.
The Contemplation Pool was 95 degrees again. I could tell it has been very much used and there was almost no trash there.
After I took the temps 2 beautiful Mexican women I had met there before came down and were glad to see me, again. DITTO THAT ! I spent all of the rest of the day talking about their very unique lifes. They made my day !
As the Sun began to set like Salmon going upstream every one headed toward mofo hill. A few clouds west of the springs and a gentle breeze made for a terrific hike.
Happy Labor Day everyone !

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Trip report 8-25-13

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