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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (95% of Full)


Trash Report 7/23/13

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July 24, 2013 06:55PM
Yesterday I arrived at the Freedom trail head at 11am. I intended to remove some graffiti but it was already too hot and there was no wind. So I went to remove trash. There were 2 sleeping bags and a tent at the shade area near the Anniversary pool. Also a huge pile of trash. So, I loaded all the trash into the flat sleeping bags and hauled them over the creek. There was already a large pile of trash there. I also collected 20 gallons of trash on the beach. Mostly discarded clothing.
Then I headed to the pools to clean up. I found on the bottom of the Womb pool 1 beer can, a hair brush and 2 glow sticks. Floating on the surface was a dead horned toad. I guess he was not a good swimmer ;~o All of the other pools were relatively clean. The Anniverary pool had just a little trash in front of it. A 6 inch flexable hose, 2 corona bottles and some cigarretts. The shower below there was excellent.
When I got there there were 4 teenaged guys hanging out at the Contemplation pool. A DCHS regular on the beach and a nude couple up the hill near the source pool beside the Pacific crest trail and no one else.
So, I headed to the shade just down stream from the Arizona pool. There some one had a fire and burned some cans and plastic bottles in the fire pit. So, I put that in the same trash pile mentioned earlier. Then I settled in with my book for some R & R.
You know how your eyes feel when you have read too much. That is how I felt all over so I almost fell asleep. Then suddenly when I looked up there were 2 beautiful naked women on the beach 10 feet in front of me. So I told them they must be regulars as they were dressed like they were. They replyed that no it was their first time. So I felt compelled to give these pretty women the grand tour. They were very thankful and nice.
While doing this I noticed several others had arrived. Mostly naked or almost naked women all very lovely to see. I would say probably 30 persons. 70% women and 70% nude. I could tell it was gonna be one of those days ;~)
And yes it was, after the tour guiding I dug out the Arizona pool some, it is almost 2 feet deep in most places.
The beach above the Arizona pool looked mostly trash free at the end of the day and the pools too.
I took some pictures of all of this and will attempt to post some here next.

Every body can help the trash problem by taking out more than you bring in, PLEASE !
Happy hot spring ing !

Sorry for any spelling errors as my spell checker has stopped.

Trash Report 7/23/13

jobe1981July 24, 2013 06:55PM

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