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Re: 5/3-5/5

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May 11, 2013 09:17AM
I don't necessarily agree with how they sampled certain data sets and the resulting conclusions, but here is a detailed paper.


Also this is interesting from an Australian study ...

Five types of people with respect to litter:

Non-litterers - environmentally conscious, don't litter and usually pick up litter of others
Inconvenients - too hard, too much trouble, someone else's problem
Ignorants - these people are simply unaware of a link between the environment and their litter behavior
Willful Arrogants - usually litter in a context, i.e. "It's okay to litter in urban areas but not in the country"
Anti-establishments - make a statement with purposeful littering

Caring enough to not litter seems to be driven by:

Knowledge and awareness
How much they care about the environment
Positive self-image
Attitudes to life (i.e. happy and content)
Sense of community and an empathy with the needs of others
Ease of disposal
Context they are in (16-24 year olds tend to litter more while in groups, but those older litter less in groups and more when alone)
Type of litter
If they can get away with it (either in terms of being observed or fined)


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Re: 5/3-5/5

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Re: 5/3-5/5

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