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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Rangers there today.....

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June 06, 2012 06:05PM
So this morning, 3 forest service workers and 2 workers that said ranger on their shirts went down to the springs at 730am. They broke down "scottie's" camp and escorted him out. Two GIANT bags of trash, a cooler, and a bunch of other trash from it. They gave one camper a $175 ticket, another one a warning, and two people left after the rangers talked to them. The rangers were there until around 930 then left and escorted "Scottie" back out.

I parked at Bowen and actually walked down at the same time as they all went down. (didn't free hike since I was with them). All of them were really nice but they were definitely on a mission to get down to the springs this morning.

Oh, and since it's come up before, I asked one of the forest service guys if they ever ticket for freehiking from the ranch to the springs. He said he never does and that they don't care, BUT if there is a sheriff out (and he made it sound like rare/never) they will get you with an indecent exposure ticket. He made it sound like its fine all the way from the ranch to the springs. Only asked since there were rumblings on here of what is ranch, pct, blm, etc and whats ok where. sounds like no worries like always. Free hike away! I free hiked all the way back and didnt pass a soul.

Mellow day today other than that. 1 family, about 6 regulars, and a few people passing through. About 50/50 shorts vs no shorts.

Rangers there today.....

Zeus1720June 06, 2012 06:05PM

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Re: Rangers there today.....

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Re: Rangers there today.....

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