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June 02, 2012 08:00AM
On my drive in on the Bowen Ranch road it seemed rougher than usual; a lot more wash board. Perhaps it was the suspension on my 4x4. The freedom trail road is rougher than I remember. On my way out I noticed a sedan parked at the trail head so it is passable by auto; but I wouldn’t do it. I arrived at the Freedom Trailhead at about 10:00 AM and there was only one vehicle at the trail head. I free hiked down and arrived at the springs at about 10:20. I understand that at least 20 to 30 minutes of sun exposure is suppose to be really good for you – so I took full advantage of FULL sun exposure. Naked in the sun is a great mood lifter as well. I arrived at the springs to be greeted by a few tents on the nude beach (camping at the springs is a “pet peeve” of mine). But I wasn’t going to let that color my day at Deep Creek. I quickly located some shade knowing full well that it was going to be a hot day. Soaked in the Arizona pool but it was really too hot to have a comforting soak; the Anniversary pool was also too hot to soak. As the air temperature rises the hot springs become almost too uncomfortable for soaking but the creek is quite refreshing. The Womb was soak-able but after about 10 minutes it also became too warm to soak. The creek however was great for cooling off. I met up with Neogeo for some great conversation, took a strole up canyon and basically relaxed. All in all, it was a very mellow crowd; there were about 20 people during my stay at the springs. About 8 of us nude, the remainder were textile. One of the things Neogeo and I noticed was a lot of trash around – wrappers, cans, a broken whiskey bottle and a couple piles of bagged trash; one pile at the entrance beach up against the rock face of the cliff. And yes-sir-ree, I even spotted 3 areas where people had taken a dump and did not bury it. It appears that the Memorial Day weekend was rough on Deep Creek. Something that both Neogeo and I have observed over the years while coming to Deep Creek is that certain people who frequent this area have a profound respect for its environment - cleaning up after the "consumers", packing out trash and respecting others who may want to enjoy the area. Why is it that many of the nudists are seemingly those people that have a deeper respect for the Deep Creek environment? I picked up a few pieces of trash before I started hiking out between 12 and 1, and grabed a filled trash bag that was in one of the piles. Two other women showed up but stayed on the entrance beach. I met two couples coming down the trail, a group of young guys carrying a large ice box ready to party and a guy named Paul with whom I had a short conversation. I Discovered it wasn’t Paul P. who often posts but another Paul. Two other guys who hiked down complained how hard it was carrying 60 pound packs down the trail; I laughed and said, "wait till you have to hike out." From my estimation it is going to be another crowded textile weekend at the springs.

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