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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Deep Creek Hot Springs Topo Map

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February 03, 2012 04:58AM
Thanks for the kind words about Gmap4. I'm the developer. And since the Wizard has already smiled upon on my humble effort, I'm going to boldly stick my toe in your pond and present a brief overview of some Gmap4 features.

Note that the map presented by the link Rick posted (1) is very high resolution - the paper map was scanned by the USGS at 660 pixels per inch, (2) does not have any watermarks on the map ‘tiles’ and (3) does not have any ads. At the present time, there is only one other site on the planet that is displaying these hi-res topo maps in a seamless interface. These hi-res topo maps cover the USA except for a few states that are not quite ready yet.

Did I mention that you can vary the hill shading on these hi-res maps? Menu ==> Hill shading

Gmap4 also displays the medium resolution MyTopo maps and the low resolution Terraserver maps (now called Microsoft Research Maps). You can do your own quality comparison.

Gmap4 is online software that runs in your browser. There is nothing to buy, nothing to download, nothing to install. Gmap4 will run on most browsers in your phone, iPad, iPod, notebook, laptop, desktop, etc. Note that the browser does have to be online to the internet. Gmap4 is not a ‘native’ app. Instead, it is a browser app.

Q: What can you do with Gmap4 besides look at drop dead gorgeous topo maps?
A: A bunch!

I just added a trip planning feature (Menu ==> Make a map) so you can click the map to make a GPX file that you can load into many (not all) handheld GPS units. Then, when you get back from your trip you can use Gmap4 to display your GPS track.

One of the main features of Gmap4 is its ability to display data files that are hosted online almost anywhere. If you want to put your own data files online but lack your own website to host those files, then just use Google Sites. It is free, easy and it works. The Gmap4 ‘Help’ file has step-by-step instructions for uploading your files to Google Sites. Gmap4 can display GPX, KML, KMZ, TPO and Google MyPlaces files. It can also display a delimited text file format that I designed. Note that you cannot (yet) display files straight from your harddrive. You first have to put your files online.

Another key feature is the ability to share your map with others. If you click Menu ==> Show map URL, then a URL will appear in the message window. You can copy that URL and use it in a forum post, email, blog, website, etc. Whoever clicks that URL link will see the exact same map on their screen.

You can also:
* Automatically center the map on your current location (works best in mobile browsers)
* Display a UTM grid
* Get the current magnetic declination
* Search
* Get directions (the route is draggable)
* Print
* And more

There is no cost for using Gmap4 for non-commercial use. It is simply my way of ‘paying it forward’. But with that said, if you like the new high resolution topographic maps please consider making a donation (Menu ==> Donate) to help offset the hosting cost of that data. You can read more about these new topo maps in the CalTopo section of the Gmap4 ‘Help’ file.

The Gmap4 homepage has a new user FAQ, examples, a detailed pdf Help file, a links page with more examples and a bit about me.

Homepage: http://www.mappingsupport.com/p/gmap4.html


Joseph, the Gmap4 guy
Redmond, WA

Deep Creek Hot Springs Topo Map

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Re: Deep Creek Hot Springs Topo Map

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Re: Deep Creek Hot Springs Topo Map

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Re: Deep Creek Hot Springs Topo Map

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