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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (44% of Full)


Trip Report 10-16 &10-17

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October 18, 2011 02:08PM
I arrived at the Freedom trail head just before the noon hour. When I got there 2 cars and a truck were parked. A couple got out of a van and started streching out. I asked how was the hot springs today. They said they had not been there yet and they were waiting on some friends.
About 1 hour after I was at the springs this couple and their friends who are regulars to Deep Creek hot springs showed up. I have been seeing them there the past several weekends.
The weather was perfect about 80 degrees with a small breeze. There were more Naked women than men on Sunday, kind of unusual.
I started a conversation with some local colledge women who are on the swim team where they go to school. I will not mention the name of their colledge so as to not identify them. Having been on the swim team in high school I had many questions for them. I could tell they were far more advanced swimmers than I ever was. This took up most of my day. I also saw Hippy Dave and several other regulars during the day. There were no unusual loud mouths or stupid drunk or drugged behavior that I noticed. Not really a crowded day, probably less than 50 persons at any time of the day.
I got back to the Freedom trail head just as the sunset and had a very comfortable sleep of about 10 hours.
At 7 in the morning I thought about going to the springs and having the place to myself. I did for over 1 hour. I wish I would have got my video camera out and made a video to share here. The pools are perfectly clean and prestine at that time. They give me a feeling that I can only get here. A feeling like no other any where. If I could only put that feeling into a can and sell it ...
As Monday progressed I could only find a small amount of trash as some other campers had already picked most of it up. Thanks campers !
The Womb pool was as clean and wonderful as it ever was.
The pool just below there (the serenity pool) had a small amount of debris in it. I got my hose out and removed amost all of it.
The Crab cooker looked as if no one had enjoyed it lately, so I did, it was terrific. I love the feeling that 114 degrees gives me.
The Anniversary pool was very clean as if some one had just finished cleaning it too. I took maybe 20 more 5 gallon buckets of sand there to keep shoreing up the willow tree there. It is @ 80% dead. It does this every year, it is that time. I hope it does not slide off the hill there.
The Arizona pool was just over 1 foot deep, again. So, on Sunday I got my shovel out and proceeded to dig it out again. While I was doing this a pretty woman named Aubriana helped me a lot. Thanks for the help ! What a woman ! It was almost completely dug out when I left Monday evening. A very refreshing place !
Only about 15 people at any given time on Monday, very nice :~)
Another terrific 2 days, except the incident at the Bowen Ranch which I talked about in another post. Dontwanna bringudown.
Remember to leave Deep Creek a better place than u find it, please.
I am glad to help !
P.S. I hope my spelling is correct as my spell checker for some reason is not working.

Trip Report 10-16 &10-17

jobe2143October 18, 2011 02:08PM

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