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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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So doable....hiking into the springs at 1:00pm during August

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August 20, 2011 12:24PM
I was able to hike into the springs at 1:00pm after my business trip on Wednesday, August 17. It was probably in the mid 90's when I started down but the trip was not an issue at all, I was able to free hike in without any issues. I made sure to hydrate myself before taking off and then I made sure to take some sips of water on my way down. I barely broke into a sweat. There were about 5 vehicles in the Bowen ranch parking lot, 2 to 3 of them had camps set up at the ranch parking area. I did not pass anyone on my way down to the springs. There were about a dozen people at the springs when I arrived, it was about 90% textile. I took a refreshing dip in the creek and then soaked in the anniversary pool for about 20 minutes then I went to the beach area and laid out in the sun for awhile and took a short nap. There was very little trash about, thank you for everyone's efforts to keep the springs clean. There was a loud group of 20 somethings smoking some medicinal products but other than that it was a good day at the springs, I would totally recommend a trip in August if you have the chance. I stayed until around 5:00pm and then I started my free hike out. A lot of the trail was in the shade by that time of the day so the heat was not an issue. On my way back up I passed a pair of girls with overnight packs on heading down to the springs, other than them I did not see anyone else on my trip back up.

On my way back down Bowen Ranch road I noticed a trail of oil in the roadway. Shortly later I came upon a Volkswagon Golf or something similar broke down in the roadway. I did not see anyone around but a little bit further along the road I came upon a young couple trying without success to get cell phone reception. I stopped and discovered that they were the owners of the car and that they were trying to get a hold of Triple A to arrange for a tow truck. I offered them a ride to the nearest gas station and they accepted and were very appreciatetive. Apparently they bottomed their car out on a rock and put a hole in their oil pan. Thankfully someone had let them know that they had an issue and they were able to stop their car before any major damage was done to their engine. I hope everything worked out for them, I let them out at the 7-11 on Bear Valley road.

So doable....hiking into the springs at 1:00pm during August

lbcalrr1671August 20, 2011 12:24PM

Re: So doable....hiking into the springs at 1:00pm during August

Paul P.1273August 21, 2011 08:51AM

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