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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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7-29-11 Trip Report.

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July 30, 2011 09:55AM
The thermometer on my front porch said it was 92 degrees in the shade. From my front porch I can see the mountains surrounding the springs. I could see thunder storms coming from the east heading toward the springs. And I could feel the humidity and smell rain. So at 12:30 pm I headed to the springs.
I got to the freedom trail at 1:20. When I parked at my regular spot I noticed toilet paper near where I get out of my car. When I surveyed the area I noticed some one had been camping there and toilet paper was near the bushes in several places. Not wanting to smell this I found a new area to park. There were 2 parked cars I could see at the Bowen ranch and 3 trucks parked at the Freedom trail head.
As I was going toward the springs I saw the most amazing animal enter play ever ! While going on a place on the trail where you are in a valley with the trail on the bottom of this valley and an upward slope on both sides. A large Mojave rattle snake was descending the hill directly toward where I was hiking. I jumped backward Immediately. As I continued in a backward moving direction this larger than 3 foot snake coiled himself right on top of my trail. As if he were going to strike at me. I told him in loud and plane English I was NOT going to harm him in any way WHAT SO EVER. He continued positioning himself on my trail moving toward me, slowly. When I got myself far enough away to feel safe I got my camera out of my backpack. I wanted to get a close up of this aggressive creature. I also got my camera manual out to see what the best setting was for this. As I did this this snake wollerd toward a nearby shade bush still coiling up as if he was going to strike at me. Using my cameras lens I could count 10 rattles on his tail. He was very healthy looking too. I continued to set up and adjust my settings and checking my manual. When I looked up I saw a large Thrasher bird fly into the area just in front of this coiled up snake. Of course this bird realized his mistake instantly and began flapping his wings fast and hard to get away. As he was doing this the snake sprang toward his hoped for meal missing the scared birds butt by inches.
If I had only had my camera set to video I would have had the video of a life time !
After he missed his meal he continued up the hill and away from me.
As this drama was going on it was cloudy with thunder in the clouds above.
When I got to the springs the creek was cooling to my feet as it was only knee deep. When I crossed I went to the shade area where there were 6 guys from Apple Valley who stated they had been camping there. They had caught a rattle snake that morning and were proceeding to cook and eat him. They offered me some, I politely declined. They asked why ? I told them I ate only kosher things. I told them I ate only things God said were OK too eat. Snakes were not on His list. I decided to not explain the epic drama that had just unfolded.
Shortly after this Hippie David a girl named Frankie, her boyfriend and another guy returned from hiking up stream. So I hung out with them for a while. I asked Hippie David if he would help me hose the gooey stuff from out of the Womb pool. He said " He would love too." So I got my hose out and we did this.
As soon as we finished it started raining. It rained very heavy for exactly 10 minuets. Then it stopped as fast as it began. It was as if the rain Gods were cleaning the springs up too. The Womb pool was at least 105 degrees maybe 106. I can only guess because Fry's electronics has stopped selling their digital thermometers.
The springs were almost trash free because Hippie David always hauls out whatever he can find. Thank you to Hippie David and every one who helps with that !
I did not ask who but, Just before I got to the springs some one had rearranged the sand bags at the Arizona pool. They had made it where it was flowing over the dam there again. The water there was cooler than the Womb pool at I guess 103-102 degrees. I do not know and did not ask whom did this but THANKS to who ever. This was where I soaked while it rained.
The picture at the top of this forum is very different than the way the Arizona pool is now ? !
Some Hippies from up stream who had camped there got into the pool and offered me some of their medicine. I politely declined. They asked why, I said I had to be drug tested at work.
I picked up @ 12 beer cans on my hike out and 6 water bottles. I guess that shows what is most popular before I got there. I left @ 6:30 just in time for more thunder heads to appear toward the east.
Glad to help !

7-29-11 Trip Report.

jobe1868July 30, 2011 09:55AM

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Re: 7-29-11 Trip Report.

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