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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Another first timers Trip Report

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May 03, 2011 02:11PM
Trip report for Tuesday, April 26th. Let me start by saying I had a wonderful experience. This was my first time to DCHS so let me start out with the trip in. I started by researching the dirt road into Bowen Ranch via Google Earth. The road is in really good shape, had two small areas in the road where the water is currently running across the road. I was a bit confused with the signage, so I was glad that I remembered to take the right hand roads in, and that here on this site someone said they crossed a cattle grate or else I may have given up before even arriving.
Once I paid and parked, I got my backpack and walking stick together, I started down the trail around 9:30am. The starting was well marked, but I forgot one major thing… “Follow the footprints!” I unfortunately got to the bottom of the first hill and hung a right going along the 4x4 path vice turning left, crossing the path and continuing down the trial. After a short side trip, adding a 1.5 mile hike to my trip, I was off down the correct path. It was a sunny day with a light breeze, simply a beautiful day. The wildlife was out to greet me as I passed, the ground squirrels were chattering and the birds were out hunting for food.
The path is easy to follow, but I had to make a couple decisions off hand, luckily I made the correct ones, especially at the final hill, I took the right trail down the back side of the hill and found myself emerging on the beach at the creek.
The creek was up, and running fairly swiftly, but thanks to the crossing rope, I made it across the first time without losing my balance. Of course the water temp was somewhere in the 50’s and cold, so right into the first pool I saw, “the crab cooker” was quite warm but helped thaw my legs out.
The whole area was clean, there were a couple of trash bags that were hung up from where someone picked up the area. I did my part on the way out and picked up a small pile that was there, put it in my bag and hauled it out.
I met a couple of the other guys that were there and had really nice conversations while relaxing in the various pools. I took a break at the sandy beach under the trees. I visited with a couple that it was their first time there as well, celebrating their anniversary. On the way back out I met up with them again and we all agreed that this is a wonderful place to go and would be back again.
The trip out was a bit much. Being a bit out of shape, it took me a while to get back to the ranch, having to take a couple breaks on the way up. On the way out around 2pm, I met a couple college gals heading in, they were nice and offered me some of their water since I was a bit out of breath and could only croak out a hello.
I must say, everyone I meet and spoke to were very nice and as soon as my schedule permits, I will be visiting again. I felt very comfortable, about 10 people there when I left and only 2 were textiles.
For the other first timers that may head out there… it’s 6.1 miles from the corner of Bowen Ranch Road and Roundup Way to the parking area at the ranch. The trail is 1.8 miles from the parking area to the creek, and down about 930ft in elevation overall.

Another first timers Trip Report

Johnny2295May 03, 2011 02:11PM

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