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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: December 28

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December 29, 2010 12:13PM
I was there yesterday too. I took the Bradford ridge trail also. Drove up the 15,138,173 took the dirt road. I would not take a car on the dirt portion right now lots of little wash outs, It was passable with a truck though. First time on the Ridge trail for me and I think I will take that trail more often. Don't have to pay to park and a it is shorter drive from my house. There was a neat waterfall a few minutes down the trail from the trail head. The trail is very nice except the ridge part (STEEP) but it does not take to long to get back up. I kinda liked the sand at the bottom of all the pools made for a comfortable seat smiling smiley. Every one I met there was cool, that's why I like Deep Creek HS in the winter so much.
There was a guy standing on top of the cliff directly across from the springs watching everyone. It was kinda weird it was pretty chilly out around 4:30pm and he had his pants off. We were on our way out and he saw us and ducked down behind a bush quickly for some reason. We were up at the top of the ridge and the guy was still there and there was a group heading up towards him. He put on his pants real quick.
I don't know what he was doing but it seemed strange to me.

During the time I was there (10:45 - 4:30) I counted around 20 people all day. It was fun watching all the people swimming across Deep Creek even though you could walk on a sand bar witch some guys were doing.

I have a question too. Does anyone know anything about the shooting range near the Bradford Ridge trail? Is it a private shooting range or an open target shooting area?

December 28

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