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December 08, 2010 05:02PM
Mystic Knight, I could tell you a story ( but can't because I have been asked not to because of concerns about another persons personel security ) about Mellowguy that shows that his character is such that he exudes the very kind of behavior he cites as problematic at DCHS. The fact is also that he, beyond any sense of reason, overstates these " behaviors " he says you would have a " high probability " of encountering with you friends when you visit. And buy all means if you are inclined to do so check out the threads he recommends and pay close attention to the reality that Mellowguy constantly attributes things to various posters here that have no bearing on the truth or reality of anything they actually cited as their opinion or point of view. Some time ago while Mellowguy was infecting this Forum with his BS I went to the Soakers Forum to check out what Mellowguy was posting there on this subject matter that he is comletely obsessed with, and found him spewing complete lies about the views expressed by the posters here at the DCHS Forum. Also his post above is full of lies related to anything any poster said here. The guy is a mental case for sure and he is exactly the kind of problematic person that you Mystic Knight and your friends do not want to run into when you visit DCHS.

And Mellowguy ( or rather pervguy ), your BS isn't going to fly with anyone here anymore than it did when you deluged this Forum with your earlier nonsense. Maybe you fooled some people for a little while over at Soakers Forum but even they told you to knock it off. So whats a matter Mellowguy, why did you come back? Did your Sock Puppet cyber friend Sungirl2 bail on you and now your getting lonely so you had nothing better to do than come back here to try and start up with your idiotic Japanese Onsen Baths Jihad again? As far as I'm concerned you should be banned from this forum for your onslaught of lies about the character of those who have posted here, those who have voiced opposition to your ridiculous notions.

And Mystic Knight, if your at DCHS and see Mellowguy down at the shower, don't go there with your women folk or he will most likely try and have some sort of orgasmic experience with them, and then he will surely come here to this forum and post ( as he already did in the past ) about the whole thing, in vivid detail.

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Newbie Intro

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