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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (100% of Full)


6-16-2010 trip report

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June 17, 2010 08:10AM
I made my way down the Bradford ridge trail by jogging and walking up the hills in 30:48 seconds. That averages to @ 10 minuets per mile. It was 4pm when I got to the springs.
While in the parking lot a 30 something couple came from the springs. So, I asked them if they had a good time ? They said "yes, the springs were not crowded and a mellow group was there. But some teenagers came down with some beer and changed the Vibe. Not because they were a little loud but becauise they were the only ones with their clothes on." I thanked them for this info and asked if they were regulars ? They said they lived in Arrowhead and went @ once per month.
When I got to the springs the teenagers were on the beach and preparing to leave. 2 guys were in the big pool drinking beer, I join them. One guy I had seen there before. A girl named Michelle was serving cold beer to anyone who wanted one. She said she would be our cabana boy today. I told here she was @ 6 inches shy of qualifieing. So she agreed to be the cabana girl. Everyone was having a deep discussion about politics, the weather, the Gulf oil spill, the Bowen Ranch and outher such drunk in the evening talk. As the day went on others, @15 joined in the drunk talk, everyone was nude and had a delightful time. A guy who hauls a lot of trash out, Sam D. was there too. As he left he hauled a very large bag of trash out. Thank you Sam D.
At 5:30 I took my thermomenter out and took the temps of all of the pools and the creek. All temps are from the center of the pools and near their surface.
The Crab cooker was 113.5 degrees. A little hard to soak after a couple of beers but still very clean and nice.
The lower pool or Serenity pool was 107.5 degrees. Some one put sand bags near the outlets making this pool @5 inches deeper and a very nice soak.
The big pool or Womb pool was 106.7 degrees. It felt cooler from all of the cold Budwieser beer. I love this pool on days like this one :~) are why I go here.
The Anniversarry pool was 109.1 degrees which was hotter than I thought it would be. Some body has been keeping the debris cleaned here, thanks. While here there were 2 couples that were sharing the shower below.
The Arizona pool was sandy but in good condition. It was 107.5 degrees.
I took the temp just up stream from the Arizona pool and it was 71.7 degrees. Which was weird because down stream were most people cross the creek it was 71.0 degrees which is usually warmer than up steam.
The outside air temp was 85.5 degrees.
Many changes are apperent from the winter storms. Most noteable is that the depth in front of the pools which is now @ 14 feet deep. Which is very nice to a guy like me who loves to dive. Which I did after taking the temps. The drunks all around were my scoring judges. Which made for more fun as 2 of the women started diving too which was even more fun to judge them and watch, holding that cold beer. Thanks Michelle!

6-16-2010 trip report

jobe2998June 17, 2010 08:10AM

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