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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Newbie Questions

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October 22, 2009 07:48PM

I think Rick just meant that you might want to camp a distance from the Bowen Ranch house, rather than on NF land. When you get there, you'll see that the road leads southward across the property from the entrance and house, with campsites scattered along the way. Like Paul said, nudity on the ranch seems to be no problem at all. As for fires, the screen might be a good idea if you're planning to have a fire. Asking first is a good idea. Personally, as much as I like campfires, I've never been comfortable there lighting anything more than a charcoal fire, and made sure that was burned down well before going to sleep, due to the fire risk. Like Paul said, it does get windy on the ranch...it's pretty high, and very open. Even summer nights tend toward cooler temps. Cell phone signal is good on the highest ground at the ranch, and in a few choice places along the trail, at best. Down at the creek...forget it!

Mike Castro will also tell you this, but when you hike to the springs the first time, you'll hit a dirt road, where you take a left, then a trail to the right (he'll give you a map). When you're on that road, have a good look at your back-trail, so you don't miss the trail leading back up to the ranch. Apparently, a lot of first-timers miss the trail on their way back, and go wandering. Rule of thumb: If you're hiking on a road for more than two minutes, turn around, you've gone too far! Also, take PLENTY of water. The hike back from the springs is mostly uphill...almost 1000 feet. And, whatever you wear or don't, have something for warmth, in case you don't make it out before dark.

Also, so you're fore-warned...no glass, no fires, and no camping at the creek or springs. Some do it, but it's definitely against the rules. I've seen rangers walk right through a bunch of nudists to give tickets (or at least warnings) to people camping along the creek.

Have a great trip, and please pack out what you pack in! Let us know how your first trip turns out!


Newbie Questions

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