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Re: Nudists to be cited at San Onofre

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July 17, 2009 09:24AM
I was there on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the beach was packed -- 200 or so people at least on the formerly official beach section, many more trespassing on the Marine base. The lifeguards patrolled in their pickup truck regularly, more than in previous visits I've ever experienced. They just rode up the beach surfside and then down the beach cliffside, about once an hour. They gave no tickets or warnings, but I found it ominous. Regulars told the story that they had given warnings on the Monday after July 4, when the beach wasn't so full of people -- and forced people to get dressed. The Friends of San Onofre group pushed back and it seems the Rangers/Lifeguards will not do any more of this until the appeal process is finished in the courts.

Allen Baylis, the lawyer who is at the center of the legal work to save the beach, seemed pessimistic this time, in my opinion. He told me he does not think this will be resolved in the courts. He explained to me how getting cited for nudity in the park system is a minor offense, the equivalent of a parking ticket, and easy to contest -- and that his group would help any and all contest their citations. He thinks that only mass ticketing by the rangers will bring on a public outcry large enough to save the beach. So in addition to continuing the legal appeal, his group is raising money and accepting donations to mount a "scientific" opinion poll, on the desirability of a nude beach like San Onofre's continued existence. This opinion poll he seemed to think important in the political as opposed to judicial battle.

But what a beautiful day it was, a beautiful place it is! There were dolphins in the water. Volleyball games afoot. A beach clean-up organized by the Friends of San Onofre, and a BBQ with food and drink for all. Nude surfing and bodyboarding. Frisbee and paddleball. Long walks and just laying in the sun, reading, chatting, relaxing. I love this place and it must be saved!

Nudists to be cited at San Onofre

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