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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Nude Use

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May 22, 2009 07:28PM
Jay, there are " still a few naturists enjoying the springs naturally ", and many times more than a few. The USFS refer to naturist activity in the Deep Creek canyon as " accepted practice " and it is allowed anywhere in the Deep Creek drainage accept for a small section of the creek close to the T-6 crossing miles upstream from DCHS. Regarding your mentioning that you drive to the Bowen Ranch nude, your taking some measure of a chance with that. The BLM and local Sherriffs officials view any nudity in public lands as a violation of state law. I was told this specifically by officials of both agencies some years ago after I did some inquiries after running into sherrifs near the Bowen Ranch trail who almost caused me some grief because of my hiking nude. The visitation at DCHS in recent years has been drifting towards higher textile percentages than in decades past. When the weather is conducive I alway hike nude in the Deep Creek canyon. On rare occasions you might encounter persons who might complain about nudity at DCHS or elsewhere while hiking but in my 25 years of visiting Deep Creek I have only had one individual cause me a problem regarding this, saying that I couldn't get in the main hotpool at DCHS unless I had clothes on. Me and some other naturist had an argument with this punk over this and we told him that DCHS has been a clothing optional place for many decades and that if he visits he should expect to find clothing optional people, and should not give them problems. His friends were apologetic of this guys behavior and I have never seen that guy there again. You can never be sure of exactly what type of people you will run across when you visit DCHS, and sometimes you may encounter dis-agreeable people of one sort or another but for the most part visitors to these special springs are friendly and accepting of the tradition of naturism at DCHS and within the Deep Creek canyon.

Nude Use

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