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September 29, 2008 02:02PM

National Guard Brainwashing

This video should scare the hell out of you. Blatant propaganda, recruiting our kids to become ‘occupiers’, killers, and mindless zombie robots forbidden to think:

Video at the link above

Update: I should have also mentioned that this is being shown in theaters around the nation. I saw it here and VW sent me the link for the YouTube version, he saw it wherever he lives, so it’s probably nationwide now.

Freedom has NOTHING to do with NASCAR racing (gluttony and arrogance on wheels) or occupying foreign lands and oppressing entire civilizations to the whims of corporate America — to say nothing of massive levels of slaughter, death and destruction.

Or throwing yourself into the breach like a mindless zombie, sacrificing life and limb and sanity so that greedy, gluttonous American corporations can steal resources, businesses and lives and make trillions in profits in the process.

Nice images of blowing **** up and oppressing other people of ‘color’. Kicking doors down and blasting through streets. The soccer ball scene was absurd (never happen) — in a combat zone? Much more likely (and very real) that they’d have simply driven over anyone who got in the way.

The brainwashing is unbelievable, total loyalty to “red, white and blue” (as if that actually means anything) without reason, logic or hell, even purpose. Just be there, ’cause you’re told to do so, and do as your told, don’t question anything.
Not shown is any reason why a husband, father and citizen should abandon his family and head off overseas to oppress other families.

“don’t tell me whose wrong or right when liberty starts slipping away“. Unbelievable. You better damn well know who is wrong and who is right before you ever lay hands on a weapon and take another life.

“if you ain’t going to fight, get out of the way“. Caption also says at this point, “I always place the mission first“. Bloodlust has never done anybody any good. If you’re going to fight, you had better have a damn good reason, and you’d better be right.

Bring these men and women home where they belong. Guard freedom here from American terrorists and tyranny, you don’t have to look far, they’re occupying all of our halls of power today. This is the only place where American freedom is applicable. Pretending we can export freedom by attacking and oppressing other countries is absurd.

Here let me help you, the gun in my hand is a sign of my friendship. Sorry about your family getting blown up last week, they were mistaken for terrorists. We’ll restore your water and power eventually, just do as your told and you’ll probably live, if not, we will simply kill all of you as we rape your nation blind for our corporations.

America needs to mind its own damned business, which is to protect freedom and liberty here from domestic enemies that seek to enslave and oppress us all.

But it’s too late for that, lest anyone think I’m suggesting it. We are too deeply entrenched in this type of “business as usual” with its mindless propaganda to reverse course now. What will happen now is American troops will be used against American people. It’s already in the works, I’ve shared the link before. What you might not know is there are at least two brigades being deployed now. The one you read about, and the one you didn’t. It is also possible that there are several others, as yet unknown.

Time will tell, but you’d better be ready. Those images of tyranny in foreign lands is exactly what is going to happen here. In many ways, it already is. The Republican National Convention demonstrated this is spades, including the mass arrests of people simply standing around in the park. I think the number was 290 people arrested, who having done nothing at all, not even marching or holding signs or anything at all, were surrounded by riot police and arrested.

This is but a shadow of things to come. Those living in the cities will be the worst off because of the high population concentration and demand for resources. This is also where most of the ‘assets’ of oppression will be deployed.


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