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December 07, 2007 10:00PM

December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning

..................Yet, Roosevelt believed that provoking Japan into an attack on Hawaii was the only option he had in 1941 to overcome the powerful America First non-interventionist movement led by aviation hero Charles Lindbergh. These anti-war views were shared by 80 percent of the American public from 1940 to 1941. Though Germany had conquered most of Europe, and her U-Boats were sinking American ships in the Atlantic Ocean—including warships—Americans wanted nothing to do with “Europe’s War.”

However, Germany made a strategic error. She, along with her Axis partner, Italy, signed the mutual assistance treaty with Japan, the Tripartite Pact, on September 27, 1940. Ten days later, Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum, a U.S. Naval officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), saw an opportunity to counter the U.S. isolationist movement by provoking Japan into a state of war with the U.S., triggering the mutual assistance provisions of the Tripartite Pact, and bringing America into World War II.

Memorialized in McCollum’s secret memo dated October 7, 1940, and recently obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the ONI proposal called for eight provocations aimed at Japan. Its centerpiece was keeping the might of the U.S. Fleet based in the Territory of Hawaii as a lure for a Japanese attack.

President Roosevelt acted swiftly. The very next day, October 8, 1940, the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Fleet, Admiral James O. Richardson, was summoned to the Oval Office and told of the provocative plan by the President. In a heated argument with FDR, the admiral objected to placing his sailors and ships in harm’s way. Richardson was then fired and in his place FDR selected an obscure naval officer, Rear Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, to command the fleet in Hawaii. Kimmel was promoted to a four-star admiral and took command on February 1, 1941. In a related appointment, Walter Short was promoted from Major General to a three-star Lieutenant General and given command of U.S. Army troops in Hawaii.

Throughout 1941, FDR implemented the remaining seven provocations. He then gauged Japanese reaction through intercepted and decoded communications intelligence originated by Japan’s diplomatic and military leaders.

The island nation’s militarists used the provocations to seize control of Japan and organized their military forces for war against the U.S., Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The centerpiece—the Pearl Harbor attack—was leaked to the U.S. in January 1941. During the next 11 months, the White House followed the Japanese war plans through the intercepted and decoded diplomatic and military communications intelligence.

Japanese leaders failed in basic security precautions. At least 1,000 Japanese military and diplomatic radio messages per day were intercepted by monitoring stations operated by the U.S. and her Allies, and the message contents were summarized for the White House. The intercept summaries were clear: Pearl Harbor would be attacked on December 7, 1941, by Japanese forces advancing through the Central and North Pacific Oceans. On November 27 and 28, 1941, Admiral Kimmel and General Short were ordered to remain in a defensive posture for “the United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act.” The order came directly from President Roosevelt.

As I explained to a policy forum audience at The Independent Institute in Oakland, California, which was videotaped and telecast nationwide over the Fourth of July holiday earlier this year, my research of U.S. naval records shows that not only were Kimmel and Short cut off from the Japanese communications intelligence pipeline, so were the American people. It is a coverup that has lasted for nearly 59 years.

Immediately after December 7, 1941, military communications documents that disclose American foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor disaster were locked in U.S. Navy vaults away from the prying eyes of congressional investigators, historians, and authors. Though the Freedom of Information Act freed the foreknowledge documents from the secretive vaults to the sunlight of the National Archives in 1995, a cottage industry continues to cover up America’s foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor.............

Pearl Harbor was a False Flag event, created by US Military officials to charge the emotions of the American Public, so they would endorse the US Military's interest in joining the war in Europe, the battle cry, " Remember Pearl Harbor! ". 9-11 in kind was also a False Flag event, facilitated by parties of the Bush administration to charge the emotions of the American Public once again, so they would endorse and allow all that has come after, Homeland Security, Patriot Act, the wars of false pretense of Afganistan and Iraq, etc. Bush's mantra has been heard over and over, " Remember 9-11 ". This kind of deception has been used by governments all through history. Hitler's Nazi's were catapulted to power following the False Flag event of the Reichstag Fire, blamed on the communist. These are just a few of the more recent example of such acts. There have been a host of others in recent decades. Many suspect that Cheney, and his assistant Bush have been working on the next False Flag event to further thier ambitions. If they are successful, this could occur in the Middle East, to provide a pretext for war with Iran, it could also occur in the US, to further scare the American Public into giving up even more of their freedoms and rights, like what has been lost already due to the impementation of the Patriot Act, and Homeland Security. The elites, are constantly working to mold government policy moves to enable themselves a better security position, and to create an atmosphere where the masses by various measures are kept in check. They will create more and more levels of so called security measures, all for our saftey of course. The vast difficulties now beginning to stress the huge populations and economies of the world, like energy depletion, drastic climate changes realities, general resource depletion, ecosystem degredation, etc, will find the elites struggling to maintain thier positions of prominence. The means they will use to achieve this will become increasingly more harsh and immoral. False Flag events will be an ongoing part of the realities of our stressed world situation, as societies and cultures enter the era of the " Long Emergency " that we are now in the beginning stages of.


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