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Re: Geothermal Energy

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December 01, 2007 04:22PM
I was travelling recently and decided to visit at hot springs at a place known as Thermo, Utah. This one is located in a bleak flat scrub land about 1/2 mile from some train tracks. The springs bubble up hot on a travertine hill and locals have piped it away to a couple of cattle troughs for soaking. The only indication of "Thermo" is a sign marking a RR box that contains who knows what. having come out of the wilds of Nevada with my last bath way back at "hot springs hill" near Eureka, I was ready for a soak.

When we got near the site, there was a drilling rig on it. Evidently, the site is being tapped into for a geo thermal power source.

It was a good soak and the water was very hot with not too much sulfer. As I soaked, the drilling rig churned on in the not too far distance.

Will the last person soaking at Thermo please leave a light on???

Geothermal Energy

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