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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Camping conditions at Bowen

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April 28, 2007 11:38AM
Hi Everybody - Introducing myself and a question...

I'm Greg Young from Escondido. I've been to DCHS many times in the past when I lived in Orange County, but not there since 2003. I'm leading a group of folks to the springs on June 9. Most have never been there, but all of them are very environment-conscious, nudity-friendly and self-sufficient.

Several have expressed an interest in camping overnight that Saturday night. I'm discouraging them from the idea of camping at the springs (One couple wants to chance the law and the tickets but I think I can bring them around if we all go to Bowen or someplace else)

My questions:
Is Bowen the best camping spot? I know we'll be paying Mike Castro for the priveledge... And I've had my own share of uneasiness with Mike in past encounters, though never any real trouble.
If Bowen, is the road there and to a good camping spot navigable for a small RV?
What's the policy there on campfires?
What's the policy there on music?
Any alternatives?

Appreciate all the work everyone puts in to make Deep Creek so magical.

Thanks in advance,


Camping conditions at Bowen

gregy1 840April 28, 2007 11:38AM

Re: Camping conditions at Bowen

Sagebrush 563April 29, 2007 01:11PM

Re: Camping conditions at Bowen

LaughingBear 1097April 29, 2007 07:56PM

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