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Mormon Trail

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April 10, 2007 04:40PM
I have often wondered why the Mormons left after pioneering San Bernardino, speculating that the city would be much improved if they had stayed.

I found the answer in the History of San Bernardino:

"The Mormons were, too, a peaceable and law-abiding element, and as long as their party was in the majority they maintained good government.

It was not long, however, before the Gentiles were attracted to this beautiful valley in considerable numbers, coming from neighboring counties and from a distance; and between these and the Mormons hard feelings were soon engendered owing to disparity of tastes and customs, as well as to the conflict of mutual interests."

Later in the text:

"At this time the friction between the Mormons and the Gentiles had grown to such a point as to menace serious difficulties, which were averted, in all probability, only by the circumstance that the Mormon population of San Bernardino was recalled to Utah, in consequence of causes as follows: President James Buchanan, in 1857, had sent out Alfred Cumming to take the office of Governor of Utah in place of Brigham Young, and to enforce the authority of the National Government a military force of 2,500 men was sent with Cumming. The chief of the Mormons attempted to oppose force of arms by armed force in resisting the mandate of the President, and to concentrate all his strength to that end he called in to Salt Lake all his distant followers from the outlying colonies of the church. The blindly faithful obeyed, and submitted to the sacrifice of their happy and fruitful homes and valuable lands, in exchange for the lesser attractions of Utah and a very fair prospect of death at the hands of the United States soldiery. These obedient ones took their departure, having sold to eager purchasers, and .at nominal prices, their rich lands and careful improvements."

Mormon Trail

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