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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (100% of Full)


11-11-06 Trip Report ;

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November 13, 2006 05:18AM
Ok, I may as well admit it now ! I broke the law *#!*
I arrived at the hot springs just before sunset on Friday evening. I;ll just blame it on our president. I followed his example! I want Rumsfield to be my defense lawyer for the next two years ????
After setting up my tent next to numerous others, I headed to the anniversery pool to soak. Only to be met by 8 pretty naked women. They all wanted to know where all the men were?
So ,,, I had to ask - Wadda ya mean ??? What am I a wall flower ?
So one of them had to point to my root system *
So the next question (to change the subject) ... Whadda ya want ?
A horn dog. a hot dog, a dog, a manly man a gentelman, or Sean Connery ? One woman said 007 with a lot of oooo's.
That is why I love Deep Creek hot springs ... It is the mental brain food there and here on this forum too...

So the weather was peerrrfect. The atmosphere could not be better. As several men seemed to come out of the rocks so to speak !
I would estimate there were 30 - 40 law breakers helping me with my protest Friday night. I spotted 4 large fires from my tent but if I had hiked around, I probly would have seen more. Arizona Mike would have gone crazy.
I suppose the only way for the Farce service to stop these protest against government terrorism would be to open a field office down there (watch out for the naked women).
So, what better way to honor our brave men in and on the front trenches against terrorism. Than to have them live vicariously (felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experiance of another) by my floating in this hot pool, with these naked women.

The next morning trash was moderate, I saw 5 bags somebody left next to the shade trees. Where the autumn leaves left a soft blanket of natural joy. Some one had siphoned the scum out of the main big pool, THANKS. The Arizona pool was a real treat to camp near. It's working great. Deep creek seems to be the same tempurature as the Colorado River, @ 50 degrees.

Let us never forget the best Americans our honorable veterans !

11-11-06 Trip Report ;

jobe 1488November 13, 2006 05:18AM

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