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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (61% of Full)


Sunday, Feb 5, 2002 Report

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February 05, 2002 07:01PM
What a GREAT day at the Springs - relatively speaking!

Arriving at Bowen Ranch at about 10am, I noticed the parking lot was surprisingly full, so I expected to see a 'full house' at the springs with lots of 'sights to see' (nekked wemen). [I hope you female-types are not offended, but flattered - you have my full attention when naked!]

Finding that it was quite breezy and therefore cold, I opted to wear my parka and long pants, as opposed to shorts and t-shirt or nothing at all for the hike down.

The air was still rather chilly at the Springs, but the parka was definitely not needed there. It turned out to quite nice there ALL DAY LONG.

But, I was (frankly) a bit bewildered to find every tub had several MEN in them, but no WOMEN! Arggg! There were 10-12 guys there, now one more, and only ONE female. Out of all those cars at the Ranch, ONLY ONE had a female in it? Arggg!

Well, that changed as the day progressed. By early afternoon, tons more people - male and FEMALE (hoo-ray!) showed up. What a deal! Some old faces, some new.

For those who were there, I cannot believe those FRENCH people did NOT get in the water! Too bad. The girls were hot. Love those French accents. Mmmmm.

Anyways, it turned out to be an OUTSTANDING day for attendance, regardless of time of year. As usual, it was 'all good'.

Check this out: http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USCA0036
It's the weather forecast for next weekend. It says 70 DEGREES for next Saturday, Feb 9. WOW!

It only gets better ;-)

Sunday, Feb 5, 2002 Report

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