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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (69% of Full)


Trip report : DCHS all to myself :~)

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July 18, 2006 07:40AM
I arrived at the springs at 6:00 am, stayed 12 hours and never saw another human yesterday. That is the first time that has happened to me in my many hundreds of trips there.
But I wasn't alone. When I arrived copious amounts of crows were combing the sandy beaches in search of breakfast. In between them were squirrles doing the same. It was a beautiful site. As I sat on the rocks above the big pool observing this, 3 humming birds wizzed by. Traveling just above the creek by inches. They were heading upstream anwsering some primal call of the wild I thought. Then 4 more humming birds quikly doing the same thing, then more and more birds. As I sat there in awe, about 50 birds swooshed by. When I looked around more a bouqet of butterflies were surronding the trees in a wonderful harmony. When I moved over to the shadey area I watched a large and healthy lizard eat the ants from the bark of the willow trees.
I had planned on getting the rest of the debris from the bottom of the big pool until the sun would make it too hot. As the sun started coming into the pool the clouds came over to help me out as if by magic. As if the clouds wanted me to continue. So I did, until all of the debris was gone.
After this the wind picked up cooling everthing more and I worked on the Arizona pool. The water level is @ 4-5 inches from flowing over where it used to. I raised the water @ 14-16 inches in all.
The trash is dispicable at DCHS. I counted 5 tents 6 sleeping bags and numerous articles of clothing. The only trash I removed were glass and cans. I carried about 25 pounds out. Volunteers need to do a serious trash removal weekend as it may take more than one day to remove all the stinking trash.
Aside from the trash I had a great day, one I will never forget.
Also I saw an article in todays Daily Press titled : Code sweep nails Deep Creek offenders. In case anyone is concerned this was not at the village as I was there at the time noted in the paper and saw nothing.
Happy hot potting :~)


Trip report : DCHS all to myself :~)

jobe 1455July 18, 2006 07:40AM

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