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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Things I learned while in the area.

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July 14, 2006 10:30AM
To who ever cares:
First ,
the 173 highway or dirt road that goes to Lake Airrowhead from summit valley has two large signs that read ; - ROAD CLOSED. But like our govt., that is a lie to scare away lost tourist. One of those signs have been there for years. I took them to be true and drove around on the freeway and went up waterman canyon to Lake Airrowhead. Then I followed 173 around the lake to go on the Bradford ridge trail to the springs. But, when I got to where the houses ended ane te forest began. Surprise, a large fence and signs saying - ROAD CLOSED. I found out later while at the spring fron a couple that lives in Grass Valley, a neighborhood close to the springs, that you can get around the sign by going through the side streets in Grass Valley. Also, If you are coming in via Waterman canyon, turn left at the stop sign where 173 turns right and use a local map to find your way to Grass Valley and you will avoid the fence with the closed road signs. And you may access Bradford ridge that way. But, as always, be very careful.
I went through Cedar Glenn, a neighborhood east of Lake Arrowhead. The devistation from the fire there is still overwhelming. I found my old girlfriends house but it had been rebuilt. Her mothers house was not damaged. There are still maybe a hundred homes where the foundations are all that is left in the canyon on Hook creek road. The whole area is very differant. The T-6 crossing is still intact with most trees there OK. But, all around that area are piles of large trees and large areas burned.
I saw signs posted in many areas that said : forest adventure pass required.
Just some more things for people here to ponder.

Things I learned while in the area.

jobe 981July 14, 2006 10:30AM

Re: Things I learned while in the area.

Rick 539July 14, 2006 10:49AM

Re: Things I learned while in the area.

jobe 1138July 14, 2006 11:52PM

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