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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Full


Pooh in the shadey area..ohh ,,noo,,

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July 07, 2006 12:51AM
I just left Deep creek hot springs. This morning @ 10:30 as I approached the springs I noticed a sexy woman on a horse heading toward Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. I noticed her because she looked similar to my X-wife. When I got to the shadey area a young couple was there. The first thing you can notice is the smell of horse pooh. I asked the younge couple how the pooh got there? They said " A lady with two horses tied them up there last night. She used one for her supplies and one to carry her and she stated in Mexico and was going to Canada."
Now the whole hot springs smells like horse you know what. This is the same spot where the Deep Creek Volunteers hold there meetings, So THE NEXT MEETING SHOULD BE SOME PLACE ELSE. Unless you really like horse pooh. Perhaps they can make it a pick up pooh day.
I read Greg and Wizards post about the sand and mess in the womb.
As Greg was going to the springs I was leaving for Black's beach. Me and a friend cleaned the pools on July 3 and July 2 for several hours. Today I got a better set up and spent all day today cleaning on the womb. The sand is now about 3 feet lower than when we started. A lot of methane gas was removed from there today. But as you get out you can smell another kind of horse methane.
A lot of extra trash was left down steam where people camp. I was to tired to do any thing about that, perhaps some volunteers can work on that area,
Happy Soaking and remember to leave the hot springs nicer than you find them.

Pooh in the shadey area..ohh ,,noo,,

jobe 1608July 07, 2006 12:51AM

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