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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Trip Report Monday 7-3

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July 04, 2006 09:59AM
Hello Greg :-) Speaking of swimsuits. when I was down at a resort in Cabo last week, I finally got tired of wearing my swim trunks, since I am used to not wearing them while spending time at practically all the outdoor places I go. I did happen to bring my spedo swimsuit. Now I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't going to win any beauty contest walking around in my spedo, but it was the closet I could come to being a naturist, at that busy resort. Interesting that I was the only guy wearing one. I figured if anybody said anything, I'd just tell them I was from France :-) Funny to see the reactions of some of the men-folk, taken aback, by me with my spedo. Interesting that in that environment, women of all sizes and shapes, wearing bikini bottoms was, as is the norm, completely acceptable, but the guys there showed by thier deamenor, that they were not keen on seeing a guy wearing spedos. I even noticed that folks were generally less conversational with me when I wore the spedo, than when I was wearing a " normal " man's swimsuit. I guess its understandable, who would want to talk to a big brown gorrilla, wearing a spedo :-) Anyway it felt great to be free of most of the draping wet cloth of my swim " trunks ". I could now swim in the surf, without my swim trunk pockets popping out, filled with air, like little floats on each side of me. Now how cool is that :-)
Regarding that cleaning of the Womb Greg, Ron, Paul and I did a trip down to DCHS about 3 weeks ago and brought various hoses, and spent quite a time vacuming the Womb. Paul brought down 3, ten foot sections of 4 inch, flexible ABS pipe, which he said would really do the job. We put the sections together, and taped the joints with duct tape. Once the suction got going on that baby, you can imagine the power of it. I did the first session in the hot sun, and the hot pool temps, standing in the pool, holding the big 4 inch pipe as its massive suction went, and it was working extremely well. Then Paul took over after I got started getting overheated and took his turn. He unfortunately let the end of the pipe in the pool go for about 20 seconds, and it ( like a dredge ), burrowed itself down about 18 inches into the sand and mud at the bottom of the pool, which then finally clogged the big pipe. Also, the pressure of the sudden stop of suction when it finally got clogged, actually partially collapsed the rigid ABS pipe. After that it did not work as well. We all took more sessions in the hot pool vacuming, but it was real hot work. That pipe was so big that in about 5 minutes, the pool got so low you would have to stop to let it fill up again. I would like to try some big pipe again when the weather is cooler. I also brought down that day a new 30 foot, inch and a half pool hose, and a big plastic container, with a plywood lid I made, to put it in to protect the hose from the rodents. I hid it in a spot and put rocks on the lid to keep the varmits out. I need to hide it a little better next time I'm down to DCHS. I wrote a message on the inside of the plastic tub with the hose, saying something like, " Deep Creek Volunteers, please do not remove ". Hopefully people will leave the hose and tub alone. Anyway Greg, since folks this time of year, mostly don't use the Womb because of the heat, I am more inclined to tackle that cleaning job in the fall, when things cool down and the pool is used more. If you want to use that pool hose I hid, just e-mail me and I'll tell you where it is. The inch and a half hose works pretty good, but will get clogged if you suck up to much material, too fast. That 4 inch pipe on the other hand just cranked! Ron and I also spent a good deal of time vacuming on the Serenity pool, but that one is so close to the creek level, that the suction is quite weak, and vacuming is tedious. When we left for the day it was almost fully cleaned of sand and mud. I'm heading off to Lake Mojave for four days with our sailboat ( July 7-10 ), so won't be around for any DCHS hikes this upcoming weekend. You take care Greg, I know you to be one who truly respects, and cares for DCHS, thanks for your efforts :-)

Trip Report Monday 7-3

Las Vegas Fireman 945July 04, 2006 12:25AM

Re: Trip Report Monday 7-3

Wizard 1042July 04, 2006 09:59AM

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