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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Accurate Weekend Stats

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January 26, 2002 09:20AM
Tiki, I had some time off from work this week so I hit the springs, Monday, Wednsday and Friday. I've done so much soaking that I'm starting to feel like some kind of hotsprings fish :-) Monday there was a pretty good crowd down there because it was a holiday. There were probably about 20 to 25 people throughout the day and there were a few people in all the pools. Wednsday I came across a couple in the big pool and another gal sitting by herself reading in the pool below. As I rounded the corner of the rocks by the Crab Cooker it looked like the couple were engaged in some extracuricular activity as our freind from the local paper would put it :-) Didn't mean to spoil their fun but it was 11 am. They had a glass jar sitting at the pools edge so I told them that glass is a bad idea around the pools and that plastic is the way to go. They did not act very friendly and left. The woman who was reading came up into the big pool and told me the couple had given her some unfriendly looks when she was in the big pool so she went to the lower pool. That couple must have figured they had the Womb reserved for themselves for the day :-) Thats the impression I got from them. I ended getting in a lengthy conversation with the woman who had come up from the pool below. Only about 4 or 5 people all day. Yesterday there was about 10 to 12 people. I don't really know about who's soaking in the Aniversary pool or the Arizona pool since I usually just get in the Womb when I arrive. Of course in the summer I hit the creek and walk around alot more. I met this guy yesterday who has Kayaked down Deep Creek and says he should show in Kayaking records as being the first person to do Deep Creek in a Kayak. His name was Winston. I remember seeing a web site about Deep Creek Kayaking and Winston said its probably the one his friend has put together. I'm going to see if I can find it again to see if he is mentioned on it. All three days the weather was real nice. It was chilly but clear on Wednsday. Yesterday it was warm enough again to hike in nekid like I did on Monday. My soaking meter is full now so I'll have to dry out a bit before my next adventure to OZ :-)

Accurate Weekend Stats

TikiBeachClub 1153January 26, 2002 07:45AM

Re: Accurate Weekend Stats

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Re: Accurate Weekend Stats

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Re: Accurate Weekend Stats

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Re: Accurate Weekend Stats

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