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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Deep Creek report 6/15

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June 15, 2005 06:30PM
Traffic was non existant this morning as I cruised up Bowen Ranch Road toward the hotsprings. My path took me to the right at the driveway for Bowen Ranch on to JF4. As I passed I noticed only 1 car in the parking lot and I proceded onward and made a left on to JF3. Road conditions are bumpy but passable with a regular vehicle until you get to the poor mans parking lot right before that big steep hill that goes down. If you don't have a GOOD 4wd, do not procede any farther!!!!! You will possibly get your wife's 4WD SUV stuck or broken if you attempt to access the lower parking lot. Road conditions on 3N59A are for the adventurous only.

Hiking down to Deep Creek, I noticed some flowers still in bloom. Yerba Santa, buckwheat, and some little yellow ones I don't know the name of. Lot's of lizards, rabbits and squirls out and even a red tail hawk soaring above the canyon. I arrived at the creek to find nobody home. The water in the creek feels nice and cool and I enjoyed the solitude of the hotsprings in the warm morning sunshine. I tried all of the pools, finally settling up the beach in the Arizona pool. The cool creek water is seeping through the sand on the botton, mixing with the warmer water that is laying on the top. There were even tadpoles swimming in the cool waters of the bottom.

After a while I saw some folks hiking in on the trail. A family with a kid that was really enjoying the adventure. It was time for me to go as people were arriving but we chatted for awhile. I then put on my textiles and crossed the creek, drenching my clothes and hat for the hike out. A nice breeze kept the temperature comfortable and I reached my truck before I knew it. On my way out I passed a few others, including the tree dude. It was a really nice hike.

For those of you who don't know, make sure to drink lots of water and carry a minimum of a gallon per person when visiting Deep Creek in the summertime. Alcohol greatly increases dehydration and you lose water when you soak in the springs. Avoid hiking out during the mid day heat unless you are used to it. Leave some extra water in your car as well. Enjoy your visit and dont be the next visitor who gets "carried away" this summer.


Deep Creek report 6/15

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