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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: How have the crowds been at the DC?

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January 01, 2002 07:46AM
Valencia? Far away? Ok. No more excuses. I've heard them all now. You need to get your naked PhD butt down here and see for yourself. It's no more than a 90-mile drive.

Seriously, depending on a number of factors, including weather, you'll find 3-10+ people visiting the Springs on the weekends and fewer on weekdays. The short days of winter mean the temps hit only in the mid-fifties, but the micro-climate of the Springs and of course the hot water make it seem more tolerable.

This time of year it's not July weather, but the water is just as hot in December as in mid-summer. Good warm weather tends to materialize more visitors, that's all. Not much to explain there. Given the absence of rain, hail, snow (maybe), and other natural 'disasters', any weather that allows you to hike into the Springs is good weather and you should expect to find people there.

Though we haven't seen any Green Tortoise Tour busses lately, personally I don't mind when 10 or 12 college coeds wanna get naked and share the peace pipe and rub shoulders in the tub with me.

Based on my regular attendance at the Springs over the past summer and into the fall/winter, the numbers of people visiting the springs is on the rise, but it hasn't reached critical mass. It's still a very pleasant atmosphere with room for all.

Come on down and enjoy yourself.

How have the crowds been at the DC?

NakedPh.D. 1538December 31, 2001 11:43AM

Re: How have the crowds been at the DC?

NakedMan 711January 01, 2002 07:46AM

Re: How have the crowds been at the DC?

Paul P. 690January 01, 2002 08:14PM

Re: How have the crowds been at the DC?

NakedPh.D. 1048January 02, 2002 08:47AM

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